I started with R/C stuff at the age of around 7. Very long ago!

A more serious restart happened when I was 26 and I bought my first remote controlled car which was not attached with a cable, but worked with a real transmitter. That was a Marui Ninja 4WD.
I had a great time with that, but when my kids were born and I had to be a serious dad, it ended up somewhere in a closet.

December 2010,  another restarted happened. Being triggered by neighbours with nitro cars, the son of my girlfriend and me bought ourselves a set of Traxxas cars. He got a Rustler XL-5 and I picked the Bandit XL-5.

A few months later I got tired of the oversteered Bandit and I bumped into a Mini E-Revo VXL when I was looking for something 4WD.