Blade mCPX

Blade mCPX

Since I never used all the channels of my DX6i, getting the mCPX was a good way to see if I was able to use them properly and still have fun.

Well…. I tried. But in the end I found out that what I dared on the flight simulator and was able to do without crashing, never happened in real life.
In the beginning you have the idea that it’s a step that should be possible to make, but especially with the mCPX, the difference in speed and necessary control is just too big. At least it is for me.

The mCPX is a great bird. Extremely agile and pretty good to fly for such a small and powerful heli, but just a little too wild for me. When you set it up for 3D and power it up, it’s almost scary to get it in the air.


Before I sold it, I got an alu swash plate and blade grips for it. Not really necessary, but a little more stability and better looks are always good.

Microheli alu swashplate and blade grips