My experience with the flying part of my RC stuff started with a heli. After fooling around a bit with a small Infrared controlled heli (Swift) and a larger coaxial heli (Double Horse 9104), I decided to get something more challenging and more serious.

Blade mSR

This what I call my first serious heli. It’s a fixed pitch one and it is good for indoor use. I bought an RTF version because I had no good transmitter at the time. It took me a while before I could control it a bit. Quite more challenging than the 3 channel coaxial stuff.
Later on I found out that using a good transmitter makes flying it a lot more easy. Read more…

Blade 120SR

After getting used to the mSR, I wanted something bigger that also could be flown outdoors. Since the mSR is in fact the little brother of the 120SR, I decided to get the 120SR.
It flies about the same as the mSR, with the difference that everything is bigger and slower.
It has relatively just a little less power than the mSR, but that is about the only difference. Read more…

Blade mSR X

After the success of the mSR, Blade decided to bring a flybarless version on the market, called the mSR X. I just had to try this one. It’s even more agile than the mSR, but also harder to control. Read more…

Blade mCPX

After flying quite some hours with the fixed pitch birds, I tried the next level: variable pitch.
I decided to stay with Blade and bought a used mCPX. After trying it a few times, I found out that next step was just one too far. Since I became more interested in quadcopters and didn’t find the time to learn to fly it as it should be flown, I decided to sell it. Read more…

Blade helis