Not too long after I my hobby went airborn, I added another category to my RC collection: quadcopters.

It talked about it with a colleague of mine and after a while we decided to contact our LHS and try to get a nice deal on a Blade mQX combined with a Spektrum DX6i. He came up with a price we both couldn’t resist, so the first one was there.

After a while I wanted something to fly indoors, and bumped into the Hubsan X4. I sort of had to try it when Traxxas released its QR-1, which appeared to be a rebrand of the X4 with a few tiny modifications but for a quite higher price.

Quadcopters became more popular with the logical result that the quadcopter market grew and more models became available. It also became more popular to put a camera under your quad. A reason to bring larger ones on the market. I was impressed by the Blade 350QX. After considering for a while and looking at it at my LHS (even before the official release), I decided to puchase one.

Due to my good experiences with Blade, I got a Blade Nano QX to have even more fun inside the house.